Client Terms


we belive that with us everything is movable

so wayn is a company was prepare and make this applicant for smart phones to serve companies and individuals who wish to transport  their goods easily , safe , in time . you will find it  just with wayn you will find wayn’s users who have a sense of responsibility, professionalism in handling and safe driving for the transport of purposes and goods within the governorates of Egypt, which will be determined in advance in return for a profit, Bravely Succeeded good service to all users of the wayn’s application.   .

Approval of the Convention

By using this application in any way you must have more than 18 years old, have acknowledge that you must read , understand and accept  all the contents of this Agreement or any amendment or update. when you will click on the “OK” button it will be considered as a legally valid signature, and you will actually have an agreement printed between you and the wayn company, which have all intellectual and intellectual rights to wayn’s application. then our contractual association will beigng when you press OK .

and if you refuse, you are not entitled to access or use wayn

Create account and sign in

After you install wayn , you will be required to register your basic data to create an account. You agree to be committed to writing your personal information correctly, accurately, and constantly updating it in order to maintain its accuracy. Wayn collects and uses personal data in connection with the services provided by Wayn, which is a commercial service in finding and contracting jobs on your behalf for the transport of objects . Wayn may provide the necessary information, including your contact information, to enhance the security and Safety of our services and users The company uses the information it collects to provide commercial services to companies and individuals, and allocates, maintains and improves such information and undertakes not to sell, market or use such data. In any form punishable by law and not to disclose them unless required by any law or when we believe in good faith that such action shall be in accordance with law or to defend or protect the intellectual rights of the application

warranties and Responsibilities


You also do not have the right to authorize the use of your account to others . You may not assign or transfer your account to any natural or legal person. you can’t  great more than one account

. And undertakes to maintain the user name and password and if lost or forgotten, the application manager is notified to set a new password after confirming your identity in order to maintain the confidentiality and security of your information.

You also agree to the right of wayn to modify or terminate the terms of this Agreement , suspend your account in part or close it permanently at any time and for any reason without prior notice. You also acknowledge and agree that Wayn will hire drivers on your behalf for the purpose of your transportation.

You agree to comply with all laws within Egypt and undertake to use the Service to transport  the legitimate materials that are not criminalized by law with your obligation to assume full civil and criminal liability if proven otherwise without any liability to Wayn or any one of the drivers had contracted by them.

You will also be required to provide copies of the supporting documents if requested

Privacy and data protection

To make sure that we  provide the service to the fullest extent, you agree that  wayn has a right to the transfer, storage or processing of the information you enter at the time of account creation in the Wayn Application.

Intellectual property rights

The application and all that includes the data is owned by the management of wayn alone and has all intellectual property rights and intellectual property on the application and the site and all that includes the logo of the application or data or tables, you may not use or publish or redirect Some or all of the interfaces and windows of the application in any form only after the written consent of the management (wayn) and  be responsible for that full responsibility. Therefore:

You may not copy, reverse engineer, recompile, or quote from an application or a wayn site without the written consent of the Wayn management  .

You may not use any of the trademarks offered through the Website or the application until after the approval of the owners.

You may use the Wayn application or website through your account to print or store some or all of the web pages or screens provided that they are for your personal use only.

Disclaimer and Limits

Your use of this application and the website is at your own responsibility and you acknowledge that the wayn service is provided on the Internet as is and according to availability and we can not guarantee that the site and application will work without interruption or problems where the company does not assume any responsibility Your ability to access the application or the site because of the lack of communication networks, problems associated with communication or any failure outside the will of wayn.

You acknowledge and agree that the role of Wayn through its application is to searching  for the Second Party in the transport  Agreement and acknowledge  that Wayn will contract with the driver by your name  ,results of that contract  shall be transferred to you without any liability whatsoever on Wayn Company,

And you agree and acknowledge that Wayn is not liable for any damages, whether direct or indirect, special, consequential or unexpected, or any liability for delay in the transport of the purposes, because of your use of the wayn application.


Modification of terms and conditions

Wayn may at any time without prior notice amend and change the terms of this Agreement and your continued use of the Application shall be deemed to be your approval of the amendments had  made.

In the event that the customer will pay weekly, monthly or annually, or has been agreed with wayn for the payment credit , it is necessary to sign a supplementary collection contract for this agreement, provided that it is an integral part of this contract and complementary to its terms and conditions.

Transport document

As a customer, it is obliged to provide all the basic data necessary for the completion of the transport process, including the name of the sender and the consignee, their address, place of work, place of arrival,quantity, type, weight and size. Packaged in the form that saves it from damage or loss . The service provided by Wayn is limited to providing drivers to complete the transport process. In case of your request to carry or unload the movable items upon arrival, you will bear all the expenses as well as the rest of the transportation fees.

Examination of the objects and goods to be transported

You agree to the right of Wayn to inspect the objects outwardly to verify the external condition and the way of packaging in such a way as to ensure their safety during the completion of the transport . With all liability for being the owner of those purposes and what it contains in the event of any legal irregularities or prohibitions have been committed by any law of those things without the slightest liability to the company wayn or driver

Delay in receiving

You agree to waive Wayn’s liability for compensation in the event of a delay in delivery of the purposes to the consignee. The driver shall bear such liability not  traffic congestion or to take care to preserve the purposes being transported.  only if it proves that the delay was due to him

Damage or  loss of movable objects.

Wayn does not assume any responsibility at any time or to make any final compensation which may arise from damage, loss or partial or total loss of the things to be transferred, since the role of the Wayn company is terminated as soon as you contact with driver,  in addition to your obligation in the case of Being a legal person you must empoly someone  with driver during the transport process and in the absence of the empolier is considered an explicit waiver of the claim for any compensation resulting from any damage, loss or loss of the transferred items. Wayn also gives you the option to insure the movable items and if you accept the option Insurance against road accidents You are committed to paying fees Insurance in addition to transportation, fees and other expenses.

You have the right to contact the Wayn management and seek assistance from the Legal Department within 72 hours of the occurrence of damage or loss to help you claim your right to compensation from the driver if it is proved that the loss or damage was partial or total has been issued intentionally by the driver or if the driver doesn’t take precautionary measures were taken that would preserve the objects to be transported.

Legal disputes and jurisdiction

You acknowledge and agree that The Company assumes no liability to you  when the appearance of any dispute that may arise on your part claiming a civil right in the face of the wayn company because of this Agreement or one of its terms or its interpretation of no way to be held accountable by wayn legal or judicial liability where the wayn obligation towards you is to find a driver and We have done our commitment to meet the driver and agree to all the details of the transport process through the application of wayn, but we have agreed on the jurisdiction of the arbitration chambers in Cairo without other methods of litigation in case you resort to the judiciary at the same time, you accept and agree to The company of wayn in case a dispute due to you as a user that wayn has all rights to any sort of cases against you at  the economic court in its various civil, commercial, or even criminal, in accordance with the damage that you have to any party and the management of wayn during the use of the application and before the Cairo Court for urgent matters because the direction of your desire to cause harm to others is available with a conditions urgency The risk and all users of the wayn application of customers and drivers declare and agree to manage the wayn alone without issuing temporary orders and expedited judicial judgments by holding the debtor to third parties from the official and unofficial authorities to get wayn’s rights

The relationship between us ends as soon as you communicate with the driver through the application

In the event of recourse to the judiciary, the Arabic version of these terms and conditions shall be taken into account.